The Entrepreneurial PM

The Entrepreneurial PM Overview

Project Entrepreneurship: Beyond Management and Leadership

V. Srinivasa Rao

An entrepreneurial project mindset is an “executive mindset for the project manager,” with a focus on delivering high value to the customer and the organization. With project entrepreneurship, project ownership is a priority, innovation is strong, and alternative techniques are used for continuous improvement of delivery. An entrepreneurial PM embraces opportunity risk and builds reusable assets to ensure repeatable success of future projects.

Top Five Project Portfolio Management Trends for 2014

IT Business Edge

This article discusses the significance that project entrepreneurialship will have for project portfolio
management (PPM).

Entrepreneurial Project Management: Concept Overview

Andrius Gedvilas

This provides an overview and a model of the entrepreneurial project management (EPM) concept.

Entrepreneurial PMO

Jane Walton, Managing Director Clarity

This is a final paper in a series about maturing the Project Management Office (PMO) to meet the challenge of making the connection between project and business success. It discusses three maturity dimensions: performance and risk management, resource management, and business value management.

Exploring PPM Decisions: the Role of Intuition and Entrepreneurship in Project Portfolio Outcomes

G J Paternoster, R A Hunt R A and C P Killen

This white paper discusses the role of entrepreneurship in project portfolio outcomes.

The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Joe Robinson

Entrepreneurs share a collection of distinguishing traits that are crucial to a successful venture. Studies have found that they score higher on traits such as curiosity, innovation, self-discipline, and motivation and lower on neuroticism than corporate managers.

How To Think Like an Entrepreneur

Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman & CEO at RadiumOne

This LinkedIn article tells us how to think like an entrepreneur and reminds each of us that "life only begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Project Managers as Entrepreneurs

Lisa Blanton

For companies to achieve a competetive advantage via speed to market, they must empower their project managers to develop behaviors similar to entrepreneurs. This article lists the common excuses for project failure, with a corresponding entrepreneurial response.

About Patti Gilchrist

Patti Gilchrist, Entrepreneurial PM

Patti Gilchrist is a Sr. Technical Manager with 25 years experience implementing strategic enterprise initiatives.

Patti has a reputation for effectively translating business problems into innovative solutions and creating strategic roadmaps to achieve business goals.

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