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Data-Driven Decision Making

How Data-Driven Companies Outperform

Greg Satell

Research suggests that a data-driven approach to decision making offers competitive advantages. However, organizations are faced with a challenge when implementing big data insights because the data shows correlation, not causation (i.e., the data reveals the what, but not the why). This can immobilize cautious leaders who seek a thorough understanding of the landscape before proceeding. Thus, leaders must adapt their approach to act first and then work to understand why later.


Leveraging Data to Drive Innovation

The Wall Street Journal

We have more than enough data. What we lack is the ability to analyze it. It is easy to find correlations, but correlation is not causation. This creates a demand for statisticians to reduce the data so leaders can understand where to place their focus.

Leveraging Big Data to Drive Innovation

Ken Klapproth, VP Product Marketing, Invention Machine

Has the amount of information being collected exceeded it’s usefulness? Or do we just need to figure out how to benefit from it? The presentation explores how companies can profit from Big Data.

Is VOC Killing Innovation?

John Mitchell

Those who think so misunderstand what VOC is and how and when to use it. This article examines VOC’s role in Six Sigma and product innovation.

Six Sigma and Innovation – A Remarkable Duo

Alex Orlov

Six Sigma is a rigorous, data-driven approach to decision making. Some believe Six Sigma and innovation are incompatible because meticulous process stifles creative thinking. This article explains how Six Sigma compliments innovation, and asserts that combining the two can drive the best results. It reveals the Six Sigma tools that can be used to promote original thinking and team brainstorming to deliver quality without sacrificing innovation.

Tom Davenport On Big Data, Part 1: Driving Innovation

Eric Schoeniger

Tom Davenport is the President’s Distinguished Professor of IT and Management at Babson College, a research fellow at the MIT Center for Digital Business, and co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics. This is part 1 of 2 articles where Tom explains how Big Data drives innovation.

Tom Davenport On Big Data, Part 2: What Comes Next

Eric Schoeniger

In part 2, Tom discusses how organizations can move to the next level of Big Data.

Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity

Manyika, Michael Chui, Brad Brown, Jacques Bughin, Richard Dobbs, Charles Roxburgh, Angela Hung Byers

Is Big Data the next frontier for innovation?

How Fashion Retailer Nordstrom Drives Innovation With Big Data Experiments

Big Data Startups

This looks at how Nordstrom is using Big Data.

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