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"The artist seeks contact with his intuitive sense of the gods, but in order to create his work, he cannot stay in this seductive and incorporeal realm. He must return to the material world in order to do his work. It's the artist's responsibility to balance mystical communication and the labor of creation.” Patti Smith, Just Kids

Innovation Is Not Creativity

Vijay Govindarajan

Creativity is not the same as innovation. Without creativity, there is no innovation; yet without execution, creativity does not lead to innovation. An organization’s capacity for innovation is creativity multiplied by execution. Thomas Edison put it well: “Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Why Weird People Are Often More Creative

Drake Baer

Ever wonder why creative people often seem a bit odd?

Low Latent Inhibition Plus High Intelligence Leads to High Creativity?

Dale Webb

Are you highly intelligent & creative or just crazy?


Research has found that a decreased latent inhibition of environmental stimuli appears to correlate with greater creativity among people with high IQ. Previously, experts had associated this failure to screen out stimuli with psychosis.

How to Hire For Creativity

Inc. Staff

Hiring innovative thinkers is a challenge. Technical skills and knowledge can be measured. Experience can be verified. But how do you determine creativity when there is not even complete agreement on what it is?

5 Benefits of Hiring Creative Employees

Joshua Turner

It is often said that creative people think differently than non-creative peers. But are there benefits of hiring creative employees?

You Can't Handle the Creative

Tara Hunt

Creative people challenge our ideas and take us outside of our comfort zones. This offers some tips on how to attract creative thinkers.

Creativity Tied to Nonconformity

Idea Festival

To be creative, "you can't be overwhelmingly influenced by social expectation," according to Dr. Lynne Vincent, co-author of Outside Advantage: Can Social Rejection Fuel Creative Thought?


Nurture Your Nonconformity

Pat Black

Several studies have linked creativity and nonconformity. And many of our greatest thinkers who have changed the course of history have been nonconformists.

Why You Need To Feed Your Brain Different Experiences

Drake Baer

Creativity results from recombining inputs, thus it's about being open to different experiences.

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Patti Gilchrist, Entrepreneurial PM

Patti Gilchrist is a Sr. Technical Manager with 25 years experience implementing strategic enterprise initiatives.

Patti has a reputation for effectively translating business problems into innovative solutions and creating strategic roadmaps to achieve business goals.

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